oil painting

Pete Alonso

This is a portrait I just completed for the #dollars4dingers fundraiser that the Podcast A Pod of Their Own does each year.

Painted for #dollars4dingers fundraiser

Good Stuff

Yale Crew was selected for the Virtual National Exhibition at Denise Bibro Fine Art and When We Meet Again has been selected to be in the Ellarslie Open. Best of all, the Russell J. Efros Foundation is awarding me a grant to create a series of paintings of Women in Baseball. Time to get to work. I include a painting I began recently at the Thompson-Neely House in Washington Crossing Park. I will get back there on Thursday to do some plein air painting with instructor Joseph Sweeney.

Landscape in process

I can create a Trompe l’oeil

As long as it doesn’t have to be really fine tuned. Maybe this is trompe l’oeil light. The title is Academic Male (My nemesis)

Great Gift

I saw Summer Clearance and other performers at Martine’s this past weekend. While there, I got to give Summer this portrait I painted of him in 2013 from a photo taken at the New Hope Gay Pride Parade that year. The appreciative email Domenick/Summer sent me will be printed out and put up in my studio to inspire me to keep going.

Two models with flowers

After some more painting time, I have tentatively changed the title. I have worked on the two male figures some more and will add some flowers behind and in front of the foreground model: hence the title change. Feel encouraged after showing this for critique at the Artists of Yardley on Wednesday night though it feels like this one is taking forever. That is the problem with getting older; moving slower, and thinking I have to race the clock. I am both the train that could and that slow tortoise. I like the foreground figure’s face, but am afraid it most likely will have to change going forward.

Figure composition

Also working on this after being inspired to think more about composing during Peter Van Dyke’s painting course

Trompe l’oeil

Working on my first Trompe l’oeil in Fred Danziger’s PAFA Zoom class. Working this small and detailed is not for me.

Tucker and Zoe

I painted this portrait of Tucker and Zoe for a friend utilizing a lot of what I have learned over the past year. I mixed techniques, using both glazing and direct painting methods.