I wonder if many other people feel a longing for a past that never existed. I focus on portraits because I have spent so much time wishing to be seen, and having another’s eyes to look at feels like a sort of recognition. Not big-time recognition like the women in Bling Ring, but something simple, on par with a person saying hello at work. I also gravitate to old things more and more. Simple ephemera, books, or photographs. The old movies my sister and I watch give a wonderful serenity that was unavailable in our past, and really appreciated in our lives now. The woman’s face was just grand to see at the Gay Pride Parade in New Hope this year. Finding the color lithograph bread advertisement and the tintype portrait of a sad young man were both joyful experiences for me, and I thought that putting them together would provide a nice balance of emotions. All of these things take up a lot of my thought process while I am painting, or thinking about painting, these days.

Woman smiling New Hope Gay Pride Parade 2013 Nostalgia