What I have done with the painting since the first post about it.

Not satisfied yet, but getting where I want to be; that is, closer to something that is honest and real, which equals beauty. The title for the painting, Sacred vulture, came from p. 280 of Roosevelt’s African Trip by F. W. Unger, 1909, another PUL gem. The image, and the words beneath it, reminded me of paintings of flayed and bound figures of the Baroque period. Jusepe de Ribera’s images of Apollo and Marsyas, and St. Bartholomew being my favorites, but images of Prometheus also come to mind. It is interesting that I am looking at a book about Roosevelt’s big game hunting while I am reading another book: Gender, Humiliation and Global Security by Evelin Lindner, 2010. Lindner is advocating a move towards love to save ourselves and our planet. The Roosevelt book, filled with images of animals being slaughtered, powerfully illustrates why Lindner is right.