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My work has changed

These look best together. I photographed images from movies and media, and manipulated them in Photoshop. Then I created paintings from the changed images. I have an idea that our perceptions are false, and therefore when we look at people we see our false images of them. Movies, photographs and stories in the media all serve to cloud or blur our vision. Hence the blurriness of some of these, as well as the soft focus in others.

After seeing I am Love

oil on canvas board, 12 x 16"

I really liked the movie, I am Love, and was almost equally impressed with the size of Tilda Swinton’s neck. So my lover is up high with the planets and stars, deeply in love. The elephant, below, can’t be reigned in. And that is how love should be, right? Nice too, how the movie equated unbridled passion, and its’ inherent freedom(s) with lesbianism. And, of course, when you fall in love, you have to kill someone. Though, most often, it is yourself.