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Maria Callas

Maria Callas and the artist’s lament

Every month or so, I revisit my artist’s lament: Should I wreak havoc on my wonderful home life, and forfeit material possessions to paint full-time; or just continue as I have been for years, working and painting, feeling as if I have two jobs, neither of which is quite satisfying enough? Either position seems like failure to me, yet still I ruminate and make myself miserable in the process. On the bright side, I saw great examples of painting in Vancouver and Victoria, B.C. Two painters I particularly liked: one very well-known: John Hartman; the other less so, Lisa Birke Looking at their work again online, I am inspired, and feel like changing my artist’s lament to an artist’s prayer, thankful that I am an artist.

Back to Maria Callas: listening to Rigoletto, I was angry about Gilda being locked up by her father, and by her ultimate demise at the hands of a conniving lover. But, since the story is based on a woman at court who actually might have been happy about being seduced by a stud, so she could get a respite from her much older, and ungainly husband, no need to despair too much. Still, my painting depicts a very angry Callas, by an artist under the influence of the above-mentioned painters. I also include some drawings from the week.

After the Princeton downpour
Some days, I feel like this woman
Other days, I feel like this
Benign is the best word
Gilda's or the artist's lament?