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August 10-September 30, 2012

Those are the dates of the Fearless show at the Quiet Life Gallery in Lambertville, NJ. Although lovers, not fighters, Giotto and Sammie have their portraits hanging in the gallery. Due to dietary restrictions, neither will be able to make the opening tomorrow at 3 pm. As you can see below, both are taking their new-found celebrity in stride.

Giotto hiding from his adoring fans


“Look for me in the 2013 Dogs of Lambertville Calendar”

Diana the huntress

This theme popped up while I was working on images of the heart and the body. It is a way for me to illustrate a fascination with power that has occupied me since I began painting at Carnegie-Mellon. I see Diana as both beautiful and powerful, and her dogs are her servants. By extension, I see love for a beautiful woman as a loss of power. And I see the love between two women as a constant struggle for power.

Portrait of a heart
Body reclining
Diana with servant
Diana as a diva
In process
Used an image of a woman's abdomen dissected

About my trip

Although the places we visited were extraordinarily beautiful, and the experiences we were fortunate to have, such as high tea at the Empress Hotel, were enjoyable and memorable, my neurotic side, ever vigilant, still found time to express itself. I believe this is due to being raised with my father’s favorite expression still repeating in my head: from laughing comes crying. But He may have heard it first in German: vor Lachen weinen kommt. I have switched to using pencil, rather than markers, so to see these images well they must be clicked on two times to view the largest size.

After a visit to the Butchart Gardens
Anticipating high tea at the Empress Hotel
This totem was on the Pacific Rim Trail
Illustrating some lines from a Margaret Atwood poem
Although this may seem out of context, it is appropriate for our trip.
My design for a totem
At last, some whimsy
A funny little drawing of my funnier little
A more serious portrait of Maryanne
Final farewell to British Columbia and our vacation