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Monthly Archives: February 2014

A masterpiece by Joyce Carol Oates

Carthage, a new novel by Joyce Carol Oates takes us to lives that must expand outward to embrace suffering, their own and others’ in order to build their second Carthage on the ruins of the first. In the novel, the writing echoes the characters’ emotional states; form providing function flawlessly. This novel is both a work of fiction and a religious meditation. Certainly one of her best. Reviews.

Fighter A219

It is wonderful to know that artists are being appreciated no wonder where they may live, as a recent article in the NY Times shows. It is interesting to compare what the curators from the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art are undertaking with a book by Kelly Grovier, which believes that almost no art being created in the United States defines our age. Though I disagree with using the term ‘art’ when describing many of the works in this book; I see most work the author has chosen as information, or perhaps informart, and the artists as informationists. This is because much of the work wishes to utilize and impart as much data as possible, rather than showing us the artist’s own heartfelt response to information. There is a terrible coldness to much of art today, a byproduct of pop and conceptual art which technology has only encouraged.

Here is a recently completed painting of fighter A219:

San Francisco Area Fighter A219