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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Two beginnings

Very different. The landscape reminds me that I hate to paint landscapes, while the portrait appeals to my interest in rebels. Notice that this Gibson Girl has a black eye, which I will be playing up in subsequent iterations.

From mug shot of Catherine O'Neill
From mug shot of Catherine O’Neill


Unexpected accoutrements

I value the use of costumes because they add the unusual to what otherwise could be the everyday. I want the viewer of my work to understand that all the things we think we know we don’t. This has taken me a long time to recognize. Sometimes it seems so easy to pigeonhole a person, and then all kinds of misunderstandings can ensue. I have been helped in my thinking  by reading Where Tigers are at Home where so many people from so many walks of life converge in unexpected ways, and in my own false perceptions, which have often been just plain silly but sometimes debilitating. With these portraits I am having fun dressing up people I know, or think I know, anyway.

Man in a powdered wig (beginning) My neighbor Alice