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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Looking forward

Today is the day my shipment of art supplies is arriving. Over 40 canvases, huge amount of colors, new palette knives-so excited I am having trouble focusing on painting. These are two portraits I am working on. The Dalai Lama is on twitter, so I am going to start following his posts. As it is I listen to his webcasts which keep me inspired at work.

Dalai Lama 1 (in process1)
Dalai Lama
Portrait of my grandmother


Spring is here

and that means it is almost time for Shadfest. This is my painting for this year’s auction to help raise money for scholarships for aspiring young artists. The original photograph can be found on the Library of Congress site. A search on Shad at LOC’s prints and photographs division brings up many other images as well.

Shadfest entry
Shadfest entry