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Monthly Archives: October 2012

The Good Son

I read an article which was adapted from Mark Kriegel’s book The Good Son, about Ray Mancini and his tragic fight with Duk-koo Kim. The sorrow and ultimate absolution in the story were characteristics I wanted to communicate in paint. I also wanted to experiment with color, to move toward some of the beautifully muted colors I saw in Old Master paintings at the Louvre. Here are my attempts. The Ray Mancini painting has been worked on longer. I have only begun the Kim painting.


Since returning from Paris

I have been working on this portrait, which I began before leaving for vacation. It is a struggle because none of the colors want to get along with any of the others! Though I wanted to give up, I have decided not to. Like all of the fighters’ faces, this particular man’s countenance calls to me. So, I am going to work on it, persevering and learning how far I can push color without losing the beauty I often find in my less worked-over paintings.

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