I have been fortunate to spend 10 days visiting Amsterdam, Bruges, and Paris. Some art highlights from these cities include the following:
Amsterdam: Although I did not get to see this, it is really a must-see due to the fact that we seldom get to see paintings from the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg:
Hermitage Amsterdam

Vincent Van Gogh Museum
Anne Frank Museum

I would also say the Rijksmuseum, but it is under renovation, and for me was a disappointment, as it concentrated only on works of the Dutch Golden Age.

More rewarding was seeing Michelangelo’s Virgin and Child sculpture at the Church of Our Lady in Bruges. The Church had a Caravaggio and a Van Dyck, badly in need of restoration. The Michelangelo was behind what seemed to be a bullet-proof glass enclosure, perhaps a sad indication of our times. We arrived too late to see the Flemish primitives at the Groenige Museum.

In Paris, we did get to see almost every inch of the Louvre, and I still have a swollen foot to prove it. The highlights for me were the Chardins as they are humble and beautiful, and are a welcome relief from the superstars that get crowded with visitors. His painting, The Skate, is one of my favorites. In addition to being beautiful beyond words, Paris is a warm, friendly city.

Each city I visited had contemporary art galleries, even Bruges, which surprised me. For a look at some under-recognized artists throughout the world, Saatchi online is a good start: and while I am promoting myself, which seems endlessly, here is some recognition from The Huffington Post, which I only just came upon.

And lest I forget, there will be an exhibit of Chaim Soutine’s work in Paris beginning in October. I am sad that I won’t see it, but I will be trying to get my hands on the catalog.