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Monthly Archives: August 2012


I am at the point where I am happy with the painting, but need to work further to follow where the colors in the work are leading me. For a little while anyway, I am just going to enjoy this portrait as it exists now. I also want to let viewers to this site know that once you click on the image once, you may link to an image that will fit the dimensions of your computer by clicking on the “full size” link beneath same.

The pleasure of now.

Big time

The previous 30 x 40 inch paintings of fighters have prepared me for the larger sized canvases I am beginning. This fighter’s face is so average, he probably would not be remembered in passing. But there is something beguiling about his eyes, and in the slight upturning of the corner of his lips. Much like a writer fleshing out a character in fiction, as I continue to paint this man he becomes less average to me.

August 10-September 30, 2012

Those are the dates of the Fearless show at the Quiet Life Gallery in Lambertville, NJ. Although lovers, not fighters, Giotto and Sammie have their portraits hanging in the gallery. Due to dietary restrictions, neither will be able to make the opening tomorrow at 3 pm. As you can see below, both are taking their new-found celebrity in stride.

Giotto hiding from his adoring fans


“Look for me in the 2013 Dogs of Lambertville Calendar”