I did not complete 14 paintings. But I was in my studio for 13 of the 14 days. I discovered that painting so often, and working full time exhausted me. But I also learned that I can paint every week day, make progress on my work and be as devoted to art as I am to my day job. Partly what prompted me to do this was reading My Galleries and Painters, by Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler. He states that painters need to paint every day in order to get better. After this exhausting exercise, I would have to agree. I have learned more in the past 14 days, both about painting (developing my themes, symbols, and technique) and myself (being able to articulate what these themes and symbols mean to me) than I have all year. And I have the bags under my eyes to prove it. Some paintings I worked on in the past two weeks, a few of which are unfinished:

Begun as a response to a very kind bus driver
My personal favorite
Prompted by a co-worker's snub
The four are Maryanne, me, Sammie, and Giotto
Experimenting with textures, and different media
Painting Sammie girl always makes me happy
A work in progress