I have spoken to two wonderful people today. I do believe that if you reach out to people, good things happen. The two people I spoke with are elderly, and one is fairly ill, I believe. But their spirits could be felt through the telephone when they talked. I imagine them warm and kind. And, of course, they are artists. The man, James, and his wife, Ruth are both illustrators and created various pieces of ephemera on their proofing press. James said he didn’t know that the press he had was not intended for type, so he used it for both type and illustrative work. He is sending me an inventory and I hope to be speaking with him again soon. I believe my obtaining the press through him is one way to keep this couples’ work alive.

On a heavier note, here is a painting I created last night, after I was unable to get the thought of a dead young deer out of my mind. I had seen it in the middle of Route 518 early one morning. Today I looked at a book of paintings by Chaim Soutine and I thought of this deer. Soutine expressed pathos so well. I hope one day to be able to do that. The other image is my drawing for the day: wishing love to be transmitted through the air to you.

An image from my commute
Another offering