I have set a new goal for myself today. Beginning Monday, I am going to make a painting each day for 14 days. The time seems right for it, as in these last days of summer, work is slower than usual. This morning, I made sketches of each painting. Once I start painting, the imagery may change. Sammie has begun to be a lap dog. She jumped on my lap while I was sitting on the front porch this morning. Of course, I had to include that in a few of these sketches. To motivate me further, I am going to schlep into New York early on Sunday to see the Otto Dix exhibition at the Neue Galerie before it ends. The cafe there has a Marzipan-Guglhupf which is a marzipan cake. ON the menu, it has an asterisk next to it, which means it is served with whipped cream. I can’t wait! Other exciting news: Marijke may be able to help us when we pick up the Baby Reliance in New York. That is a work in progress, as I am waiting for the inventory sheet from Mr. McCrea. But I have the feeling that it won’t be long before I will be printing linocuts and woodcuts galore…Maryanne just told me I can’t shirk my responsibilities around the home, so I will be supergirl, and get everything done.

Days 1-3 of a painting-a-day
Sammie on my lap
There will be farm animals too